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There is a Planet

Pregledna razstava predstavlja izjemen opus italijanskega arhitekta in oblikovalca Ettorja Sottsassa in nam spregovori o situacijah, ki so povezane z bivanjem in bolj splošno, s prisotnostjo človeka na planetu, skozi arhitekturo, oblikovanje, ilustracijo, fotografijo, slikarstvo, skulpture, keramiko in pisano besedo.


Days are packed with breaks, overflowing with waiting. You could say there are more breaks than “non-breaks” in life. It makes you think you spend most of your life bemusedly waiting to see what’s going to happen. It makes you want to say that breaks are countless and never-ending. They are times when you wait hopelessly, trying to understand what changes inside of us, and what changes outside of us. We wait in silence to understand how our movements change, how our smiles and visions change, how our splendour fades, how our courage fades too and how history changes, how changes come about in that strange landscape that never stops moving, partly because we see it from the window of our train, the train that is us.


– Ettore Sottsass

Atrij kot odprto zavetje - prostor srečevanja in izmenjave, prostega pretoka.

Ljudje oblikujejo prostor in prostor oblikuje ljudi.

Misli ob obisku Mare Culturale Urbano @ Cascina Torrette di Trenno, maj 2018, Milano

Casa della Memoria
baukuh studio

Photo: PS, Milano, Fall 2017

On Smart Cities #1

Smart cities are being sold as tech utopia, where the citizens would live in unpolluted, efficient, self-sufficient, high-quality-of-life environments. But with sensors installed all around the city comes the inevitable commodification (and monetization) of citizens data. Who is the owner and who the manager of this data?


On Smart Cities #2

Whereas on the global north smart cities are sold as city branding, increasing the real estate value, bringing more of the tourism in and as a way of providing the sustainable and high quality lifestyle (for those who can afford it), the smart cities are being introduced in the developing countries as new cities. Being build up from scratch for upper middle class families of working professionals, the infrastructure of these cities is completely private. How is it like to live in a fully privatised city?

On Smart Cities #3

What is it that the citizens really want, the smart city or the city of the commons, where citizens have the access to data, ownership over it, and can participate in the decision making process about how and by whom this data is used. With current state of affairs, with a couple of big player having a digital monopoly, this is impossible.

Elevate Festival 2017, “Big data, quantification & algorithms – Who will be the decision-makers of the 21st century?”, Graz, March 2017

Drone Shadow

Avtor z intervencijo v javni prostor – z obrisom drona Reaper v realni velikosti – naslavlja problem uporabe dronov v vojne namene. To skrajno sporno orožje je uporabljeno za misije nadzora in zračnih bombnih napadov iz razdalje več tisoč kilometrov. Njihova uporaba na območjih Afganistana, Iraka, Pakistana in Jemna je že terjala civilne žrtve. Instalacija je obenem tudi kritika mrežnih tehnologij, ki oblikujejo digitalno zasičeno kulturo 21. stoletja, istočasno pa meglijo razumevanje naše politične in moralne odgovornosti.

James Bridle, Elevate Festival 2017, Graz, March 2017

The Seven Heavenly Palaces
Anselm Kiefer
2004 - 2015

Pirelli Hangar Bicocca, Milano, Summer 2017

Brutal or beautiful?

Barbican Centre, London, October 2017

Saša J. Mächtig

Photo: PS, Ljubljana, Winter 2018